This is My Story

Growing up in the Air force as a proud military brat, I discovered art to be a way of coping through every move, making new friends, and the many times my father had to be carrying out missions across the globe. With my husband now continuing a legacy of service to our great country, art is still my therapy and how I choose to express my emotions when he deploys.

The greatest motivation behind my work is my faith in God and the beauty of His creation. Whether it’s a colorful sunset, interaction with wildlife, the ocean, or looking at a sky full of stars, these are the elements of nature that infuse daily creativity into my paintings and where my ideas take flight. Along with my faith, I am also very inspired by those who serve; the soldiers who deploy at any moment’s notice, and loved ones who stay behind to manage life the home-front.

My purpose as an artist is to bring light, color, and peace into your world, your home, and lives. Thank you for visiting Art by Adelia, I hope I have the pleasure in meeting you one day and getting to know you!

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