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Growing up in the Air Force, my family and I had the privilege of traveling all over the United States and having some of the coolest life experiences in the places we lived and people we met along the way. My father was a bomber pilot, so my mom, sister and I spent many incredible memories on the flight line watching him take off to exciting places and land with such colorful stories to tell. Even though we had to move a lot and make new friends, we all cherished the life we lived in proudly serving our great country. As a military spouse today and also a new mom, I get to look at this lifestyle through a whole new lens; my love for serving my country is even greater, and I have an even more profound respect for those serving in uniform and who maintain life on the home-front.

When it comes to my military inspired paintings, I hope my work is a reflection of my heart for those who dedicate their lives for our freedoms. In each brush stroke, I am guided by the emotions of watching loved ones come and go, memories of families and friends coming together in times of celebration and sadness, and the unconditional love we all share in the life we have chosen to live in serving our Nation’s Military.

The greatest motivation behind my artwork is my faith in God and the beauty of His creation. Whether it’s a colorful sunset, interaction with wildlife, or looking at a sky full of stars, these are the elements of nature that infuse daily creativity into my paintings and where my ideas take flight.

My purpose as an artist is to bring light, color, and peace into your world, your home, and lives. Thank you for visiting Art by Adelia, I hope I have the pleasure in meeting you one day and getting to know you!

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