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As a two generation United States Air Force brat, I grew up watching my dad live his dream of flying bombers across the world while he and my mom exemplified the very meaning of ‘service before self’ for 36 years in dedication to our country. The  memories of going down to the flight-line with my mom and sister to watch his planes take off while the crowds gathered, cheered, and waved their flags gave me some of the most awe-inspiring experiences as a child that I’ll never forget. As a very proud Air Force wife today, it is an honor to continue a third generation of my family’s legacy of service with my best friend and hero by my side.

My love for art began at a young age when I had my first art class in 8th grade and was introduced to paint for the first time. There were three colors in particular that day on the tables; neon pink, yellow, and orange. The moment I touched the paint, I was enamored with the feeling and movement as I used my hands to blend the colors together in creating what would be my first painting of a sunset. Throughout high school and college, art became a deeper way for me to convey my thoughts and emotions onto a surface, and where I found connections between reality and the figment of my imagination. To this day, when I paint I still feel like that 14 year old girl getting lost in her own little world of creativity.

The greatest motivation behind my artwork is my faith in God and the beauty of His creation. Whether it’s a colorful sunset, interaction with wildlife, or looking at a sky full of stars, these are the elements of nature that infuse daily creativity into my paintings and where my ideas take flight. When it comes to my military inspired paintings, I hope my work is a reflection of my heart for those who dedicate their lives for our freedoms. In each brush stroke, I am guided by the emotions of watching loved ones come and go, memories of families and friends coming together in times of celebration and sadness, and the unconditional love we all share in the life we have chosen to live in serving our Nation’s Military.

My purpose as an artist is to bring light, color, and peace into your world, your home, and lives. Thank you for visiting Art by Adelia, I hope I have the pleasure in meeting you one day and getting to know you!

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