Do you have a favorite photograph that you would like to have painted? Or, perhaps, you are looking for the perfect piece of art to complete a room?

I am very passionate about creating a piece that is exactly what someone is looking for, and I am always happy to take commissions!

I love getting to know my clients and hearing their stories. As an artist, there is nothing more special than receiving the trust to create something special for you and your home. Please allow up to a few weeks for discussion about the art you would like to commission me. During this communication process, I like to exchange ideas, images, and any requests you may have about the art you are interested in.

Communication about your commission, the details, and discussing the timeline of when it will be complete are my top priorities before beginning your piece.  After viewing the finalized sketch for your commission and making an agreement to continue the process, I will request a non-refundable deposit for cost of materials in order for me to proceed with your work.



I am committed to making sure that my customers are 100% satisfied with their paintings! Therefore I will allow 1-2 small “tweaks” if absolutely necessary. Should you request any more changes to your finished work, please know that there will be a fee depending on the amount of detail and time spent after to make those changes.



Pricing is based on amount of hours put into the work and cost of materials used to produce it.
Shipping is not included in the original price, and will be added last as the final payment based on your location and size of shipment.

Military members and family receive a 10% off discount on all original and commissioned works.



I do ship worldwide! Shipping costs will be calculated last to your final price based on your location and size of shipment.

I will not ship any artwork until all final payments are completed.


If you are interested in commissioning a piece, or would like an original work of art, please contact me using the form below. I would be absolutely delighted to serve you!


Thank you for choosing Art by Adelia, I look forward to getting to know you and creating something special together for years to come!


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